Viplav Baxi

Viplav is an education consultant and researcher with about 20 years of experience in elearning and technology. Founder of LearnOS, a consulting entity focused on the education sector, he has rich and diverse senior management experience having been the CEO of Atelier (Simulations based training), President at Servitium (an eLearning company), Chief Technology Officer (at, India’s largest K12 eLearning initiative and at LIQVID, a digital learning company) and was among the earliest demonstrators of eLearning technology in India at IGNOU as far back as in 1997.

One of the earliest participants and influencers in the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) phenomena as far back as 2008, Viplav has also had the privilege of speaking at TEDx, on the theme Order from Chaos. Viplav is also a contributor to government and industry association led committees on technology in education for K12, Higher education and Teacher Education. He is a frequent blogger, and has authored about 300 blog posts and articles on education.

He holds Master of Arts in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics.


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