Saravanan Sundaramoorthy

Saravanan “Sarav” Sundaramoorthy, is a first generation learner, and an Indian Entrepreneur, a former IT Services program manager and a passionate innovator.

Sarav began his career in IT services in 1999 and his career path trajectory has been fast evolving into senior leadership positions in a remarkable short duration assuming greater responsibilities and accountability in the organizations, delivering large scale complex engagements in a global scenario. Through his maturity from a management graduate to a global program manager, the one constant has always been his passion for innovation, to convert challenges into opportunities and thereby give back and energize the community.

A Recipient of several awards within the organizations he has worked for ; In 2007, Sarav was swept internally by a passion to shift focus towards embracing a larger cause. A cause that would create an ever lasting impact in the society and fulfill his inner desire of returning back to the world, all that the world has offered him. With a spirit of entrepreneurship , optimism towards future of education & a passion towards cementing a strong foundation for the younger generation of today, Sarav began his journey of ventures with Ezee Math TM. A contemporary solution that delivers what children dread most – Math , in a way they love most. A child –friendly n safe platform, Ezeemath was a winner with children, and was later acquired by a larger educational service provider. The drive to dwell deeper into the lives of students and unearth what was missing & what could make a real difference – gave birth to Edsix Brain Lab.

Sarav has been onto his next journey with his most trusted co-founder and team of disrupting education by setting the basics straight for students. In his current venture, Sarav is all set to connect the dots in the talent value chain - by providing Cognitive |Life |Emotional skill development platform for students on one end and for identifying the right candidates with strong cognitive skills by corporates on the other end.