Manisha Monga

Assistant Curriculum Leader for ICT and Mathematics

At present, Manisha is working in a reputed international school in capacity of Assistant Curriculum Leader for ICT and Mathematics. She is heading ICT department and responsible for the best assessment practices in Mathematics and ICT departments. She is a trained educator of IGCSE (ICT and Computer Studies) as well as IB curriculum (Computer Science). She has trained National Child Scientist and received Appreciation Certificate from Ms Shiela Dixit, Ex CM of Delhi and Sh Arjun Singh, Minister of HRD. She is pursuing ‘Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy’ from SUNY Buffalo. USA.

She is a dynamic educationist with a varied and rich background of teaching and administration. She is experienced in working closely with the children of various age groups and enhancing the use of technology in classroom teaching. She has attended many national and international workshops and conferences (20 in total) in pedagogy over the past 7 years.

These experiences have enabled her to develop skills in lesson planning, assessments and implementing meaningful learning experiences for students. As a technology teacher, she believes in providing technology rich experiences to her students to enhance their skills of collaboration and teamwork. She believes that the use of technology can bridge the gaps between classrooms, nations, cultures and enable students to make decisions based on experience rather than media observations.

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