Abha Sahgal

Mrs Abha Sahgal, Principal, Sanskriti School, Chanakyapuri, Delhi

I have been an educationist for 37 years and what started as an interest and profession quickly became a passion. Being with children is now as important for me as the essentials for sustenance!

My journey in education started from Delhi Public School RK Puram in 1980. I taught English to age groups of 8 to 17. My students are now adults who are contributing to society and remember the days we spent together very fondly. I am especially proud of the very strong relationship I had with each class of mine.

In 1995 DPS management gave me the responsibility of heading the Primary School of DPS RK Puram at Vasant Vihar. Those were the most fruitful years of my career, when I was at my creative best. We worked on a number of innovations in the pedagogy by constantly researching about the latest trends. The school during this period stood apart from others as dynamic and happening.

In 2000, I left the country to start a school for DPS at Sharjah, UAE. This was the most challenging assignment of my career. I was to set up a school in a foreign land keeping in mind the local sensitivities and rules. Though a tough task, I remember this experience with a feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction. By the time I left this school in 2008, it was regarded as the top school, excelling in academic, sports and the cultural arenas. In 8 years it had grown from 180 to 4500 students! DPS Sharjah will always be a feather in my cap and I am proud of being its Founder Principal.

I joined Sanskriti in 2008. The school echoed my vision and philosophy of education – that each child is unique and the purpose of education is to understand this difference and nurture each child accordingly. After my taking over as the Principal, we have embarked on new vistas and are looking forward to new excitements ahead.

The school average in Class 12 Board exams has shown a marked increase consistently since 2008. I have never let the school lose sight of its vision, which is ‘’to create happy, feeling and thinking Sanskritians who will be the change makers’’.  Values are the most important aspect in my school and I ensure that while academics gets its due, the children grow up as positive thinking, humane individuals.

In Sanskriti I have constantly worked at empowering my teachers. There is always a stimulating atmosphere in the school encouraging teachers to add on to their expertise. Besides this, I have been able to give the teachers space to experiment and innovate.

The curriculum in Sanskriti is constantly worked upon and while there is a lot of flexibility, I have been able to give it a structure and have brought in standardization. My own learning continues through various training programmes in India and abroad. One of the most enriching programmes that I have attended is Principal’s Training for International Schools, in London, organized by the Principal’s Training Centre (PTC), Miami, for two years.

    • $1In 2006 on Assessment
    • $1In 2007 on Creating an Effective School

Community Service

As an educator I have constantly instilled in my students the value of giving and caring. This attitude has therefore become a part of my personality.

My spouse, Mr Mukul Sahgal, and I have taken the entire responsibility of educating and uplifting two girl children from the economically backward class. The girls stay with us and we are deeply involved with their academics and other development areas, besides meeting their entire expenses. While my husband helps them with Math and Science, I take care of the Languages and Social Sciences. We also ensure that they learn social skills and enjoy the various means of entertainment. We are extremely proud of the way the girls are developing. In addition we are partly supporting the education of another girl child.

Both of us have been associated with an NGO that has taken on the responsibility of educating the girl child in remote villages, as teacher trainers. We have trained teachers in our respective subject areas.


Along with my spouse, I have contributed to the Teach India initiative of Times of India. We have provided simple methodologies of teaching to first time teachers.


  • Authored books on Environmental Studies for Primary school children, Published by S. Chand.
  • Authored and co authored series of books on Social Science, published by Orient Blackswan.
  • Authored English Reader – Onward English, Published by Orient Blackswan


Awards & Honours:

  • CBSE Award to Teachers 2012.
  • Global Award for Excellence 2013.
  • Sanskriti has been awarded with WCRC Leaders Asia Excellence Award for ‘Best  Private  Education Institute 2012-13’.
  • Letter of appreciation received from The Speaker, Lok Sabha India.
  • Certificate received for Sanskriti’s participation in the International French Language Scholarship Examination 2012 organized by Silver Zone.
  • Certificate of participation in the Australia –India School Leaders Professional Learning Program.
  • Sanskriti is an active member of National Progressive Schools’ Conference.